Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Dolly Wink Pink Brown 02

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a review of the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in 02 Pink Brown. It was one of the many purchases I made in the Shibuya 109 building in Japan.

It comes in really cute packaging, similar to the style of packaging the lashes come in. The palette itself has 4 complimentary colours, and the box comes with instructions on where to apply the makeup. I used the instructions on the back and it can come out looking really cute! Although you don't want to overdo it or you'll end up with an overly pink and gold lower lashline. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taobao Summer Looks

Hey everyone!

On this quiet Sunday afternoon, I've been doing quite a bit of taobao browsing; I haven't actually bought anything from there before but their range of cute dresses and such is really awesome! It can be a bit difficult to navigate, as the stores are always different and there doesn't seem to be a universal way to display much information.

I've been using YoYbuy to display information, you can paste the taobao link into their search box and get some more easily readable information. I think their shopping service looks interesting so I'll be checking them out soon.

One shop I'm really fond of is Candy Rain, they have a lot of cute gyaru looking things, very Liz Lisa-esque without the price tag. The dresses they have are really sweet and floral, great for summer looks!~ A lot of their stuff would probably fit a western girl too, they have free-size items but most of them would fit me and I'm of an average size. Would cost about £20 but I'd assume more because of other fees.


Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey everyone!

Well, I've had many-a-blog, but most of them are themed in some manner which restricts me from what I can write. This blog is really just going to be a collections of my ramblings, pictures, reviews, opinions. It probably won't interest anyone but I like writing and I really enjoy rambling; so I guess nobody will have to listen to me going on in real!

I really just wanted a central place I can put all of my thoughts and ideas. I also like creating things so I made a pretty banner; found some cute brushes, so credit to for those!

I'm not a very deep person. I don't really pretend to be, so this blog will probably be light-hearted rather than nitty-gritty, sorry if that dissapoints. I write far too much on the internet, wondering if this is actually a good idea, haha.

So anyway, I had my hair cut today, woohoo. I was sick of it because I hadn't had it cut since I went to Japan which was many months ago now.

I look in the mirror and realise that my hair is a difficult colour, which'll take some getting used to. But I think she's done a good job, so I'm happy to finally have a decent hairstyle! Wearing a Ma*rs dress which to be perfectly honest isn't a dress on me at all; it's far too short so I have to wear shorts underneath it. I'm not even that tall, pushing 5 ft 7 maybe. Another dress I have from Tralala is the same, must be too tall for Japanese clothing.

Anyway, have a good day people, speak soon!

Sally x