Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taobao Summer Looks

Hey everyone!

On this quiet Sunday afternoon, I've been doing quite a bit of taobao browsing; I haven't actually bought anything from there before but their range of cute dresses and such is really awesome! It can be a bit difficult to navigate, as the stores are always different and there doesn't seem to be a universal way to display much information.

I've been using YoYbuy to display information, you can paste the taobao link into their search box and get some more easily readable information. I think their shopping service looks interesting so I'll be checking them out soon.

One shop I'm really fond of is Candy Rain, they have a lot of cute gyaru looking things, very Liz Lisa-esque without the price tag. The dresses they have are really sweet and floral, great for summer looks!~ A lot of their stuff would probably fit a western girl too, they have free-size items but most of them would fit me and I'm of an average size. Would cost about £20 but I'd assume more because of other fees.


Another shop I was looking at are BOBON21, they have a lot of soft pastel colours, mostly pink and white. They seem to be more dolly-style and I'm not sure the young girly style would suit me as much, but I really lovely the dresses they have! I found another similar in style to Candy Rain.


Coconuts has a whole bunch of really cute shoes. I'm a fan, although I probably wouldn't be able to walk in most of them I really want some of the cute brown shoes they have with bows and heels. Polka dots!

So all in all, lots of cute TaoBao finds. Payday should be sooner!

Sally x

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