Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey everyone!

Well, I've had many-a-blog, but most of them are themed in some manner which restricts me from what I can write. This blog is really just going to be a collections of my ramblings, pictures, reviews, opinions. It probably won't interest anyone but I like writing and I really enjoy rambling; so I guess nobody will have to listen to me going on in real!

I really just wanted a central place I can put all of my thoughts and ideas. I also like creating things so I made a pretty banner; found some cute brushes, so credit to for those!

I'm not a very deep person. I don't really pretend to be, so this blog will probably be light-hearted rather than nitty-gritty, sorry if that dissapoints. I write far too much on the internet, wondering if this is actually a good idea, haha.

So anyway, I had my hair cut today, woohoo. I was sick of it because I hadn't had it cut since I went to Japan which was many months ago now.

I look in the mirror and realise that my hair is a difficult colour, which'll take some getting used to. But I think she's done a good job, so I'm happy to finally have a decent hairstyle! Wearing a Ma*rs dress which to be perfectly honest isn't a dress on me at all; it's far too short so I have to wear shorts underneath it. I'm not even that tall, pushing 5 ft 7 maybe. Another dress I have from Tralala is the same, must be too tall for Japanese clothing.

Anyway, have a good day people, speak soon!

Sally x

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