Friday, August 23, 2013

A little about my job!

Hey everyone!

Just got home from work! I'm on call this weekend, hopefully I won't be needed hehe. Today I thought I'd write a little about what I do, and how I came to get there!

Currently I'm a Development Tester for Ubisoft Reflections. It's a job I got straight from Uni, and I've learnt so much about the game industry while working for Ubisoft. My first shipped title was JD4, and I was really excited to work on it because I was a fan of the franchise before, I had the first Just Dance game. The people I met along the way have since become some of my best friends! Me and the JD girls below. <3

I did a cosplay of Just Dance 4 for the launch party, it was a lot of fun!

Right now, I'm working on Watch_Dogs and I have been for several months. Here is the Dev hoodie!

And the QC W_D team. They are a right laugh! :D

Sally x

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