Sunday, August 4, 2013

Newcastle Streetpass Meet 03/08/2013

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to write about August's Newcastle Streetpass meet!

Gamers meet up now and then in Newcastle, to play 3DS, trade items and play Streetpass-related games. It's great to see the turnout, so many people there this time! A lot of my friends own 3DS' and have a love of Nintendo games, so it's a great place to meet people who have similar hobbies and interests, and complete your all important sets on Animal Crossing.

Above are a couple of screenshots from my game! Shooting stars <3 

Ah Newcastle, waiting for the metro! It was actually a pretty nice day, although I spent a while doing my hair, for a giant gust of wind to come along and mess it all up, lol. Just walk outside and my fringe is all over the place! I tried some different make-up today but not sure if I like it.

I got on the train to the metrocentre, look at the pretty Newcastle view from the Tyne! I really love this city! Below is a wondrous video I made featuring Antonela and Princess Peach, I  don't think she was overly impressed by it.

It's a kitty Amy!~ We were messing around with some of the new 3DS camera features, I never noticed them before but there are a ton of different things you can do. One of which is the ever-disturbing merge-face mode, which puts your face and someone else's body which is truly terrifying haha. I can't share the results of it here as you may have nightmares. 

My strawberry fizz cocktail! Tasty tasty. We ordered some chocolate brownies too, they were so nice!

Thanks for reading guys, if you are in the Newcastle area and a 3DS fan, then you should definitely check out these events. Great for just chilling with friends on an afternoon, and moreover GAME is a supporter of these events which enabled us to get 10% off when we went to GAME later on that day. 


Sally x

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