Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Antics

Ah Sundays, how I love thee! I'm at work a lot, especially at the moment, so having a Sunday to myself is so nice. Matt is assembling my new desk at the moment, he's already fixed up my glass cabinet for my anime figures! Most of them are from Japan, a couple (The Madoka ones) are bought from someone at work. So cute! The Hello Kitty girl was 500 yen, I think the most valuable are the Madoka figures. The others, I won in arcade machines in Japan.

I also got my desk set up, which I'm really happy about! I have a nice creative space to work with now.

Just need to set up my computer and I'm good to go! What do your creative spaces look like?

Have a good day everyone!

Sally x


  1. Oh jeez, I wish my workspace was that tidy! Mine's always covered in research and projects completely! My goal for tomorrow is going to be to tidy it up a little now :)

    1. Aww awesome!~ Yeah it's really hard to keep creative spaces tidy, I've made it one of my aims :D