Friday, August 9, 2013

Sushi and Bubble Tea!

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? Gah, I've been working hard! As such, if I get the time I like to pop into town and hang out with friends. We often end up eating at some of the Sushi places in town, and this time we ended up at St. Sushi as we fancied some Bubble Tea!

This stuff seems to be really popular at the moment, and I've had it a few times before. It seems to have become a regular thing for me now!

Bubble Tea is really something that people seem to either really like or really don't like; there are however many different flavours to pick from at St. Sushi including Taro flavour! This time I had Mango with Mango 'Pobbles' as they call it, they are really odd little bubbles that burst when you chew them and release the flavour! I've had the 'jellies' before which are literally just like mini-jellies.

As for the taste, it's quite like a milkshake really, rather than actual tea. The flavours can be quite artificial as they are just made from powdered flavouring, so it's not exactly good for you. But once in a while is all good!

Looking at this makes me hungry again! Antonela had the Chicken Teriyaki Bento and I had the Gyu Don, was so tasty! The food at St. Sushi is fairly similar to what I had in Japan, more so than some places anyway, like the big Japanese chains. The Chicken Katsu is pretty nice, although it makes me sad as it's something I can still taste when I think about Japan, haha.

So just a little bit of life's adventures today!

Until next time,

Sally x

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