Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chibi Sunny 2013

So yesterday I managed to check out Chibi Sunny 2013, a mini-con in preparation for Sunnycon 2014.

It was a small convention, but really worth spending most of the day there! They had a dealers room, which was in the main hall. You could also get drinks from the bar, and upstairs from that they had a mini gaming corner with Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Pong etc. My brother had a bash at the tournaments and was miserably defeated, and then defeated by me on Street Fighter 6 times in a row.

I was ill the night before but I was planning to go for ages, so I just dragged myself up and felt a lot better as the day progressed!

I helped out at Sweet Cupcake Maid cafe for an hour or so in the morning, it was so much fun <3 The maids were really nice and I instantly felt comfortable, and the customers were so nice! It was really busy but hopefully I did a good job, I tried my best to serve everyone well! I wanted to help out for a little longer but my brother had come with me to the con so I didn't want to abadon him all day. The catering was Sweet Octopus and their products were really amazing, I got to taste them myself later on in the day and they were truly delicious. I also had a matcha milkshake which was really tasty, reminded me of the deserts I had in Japan.

I'd really recommend checking them out if you can! So tasty. I was also able to catch up with one of my best friends Risa who I hadn't seen since I think the first time I went to Japan. That's like, 2 years ago. Was amazing to actually be able to catch up again *_* And so me, Risa, Sten, Matt and my Bro trolled about Newcastle for a bit.

We went to a History of Gaming panel which was pretty fun, there was a lot of things I didn't know about myself. And Karaoke was pretty damn hilarious, jumped up for the conga and kept getting separated from the group haha.

Me and the Risa!~

For £5 Sunnycon was pretty much what I expected and it was pretty fun. I'd check it out again <3

Sally :3

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