Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween: Sailor Moon

Hey everyone, hope you are well!

Halloween is approaching and it's the time you can cosplay and not get funny looks. <3

I'm planning to create my own Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon with a bunch of my friends from work, really excited and I think it'll be a lot of fun. We really wanted an excuse to just buy more wigs, even though I have enough to open my own store by now.

The costume I'm getting is very much like Sailor Mars except the bow is Navy and not the Purple she normally wears.

The Bodyline costumes look really cute, I'm not sure of the quality exactly but because they had a range of colours, the where mid-price, and we knew they'd arrive on time for Halloween we decided to just roll with it and order them. A lot of the costumes we found elsewhere where either much more expensive, or really cheap Fancy Dress shop type outfits so we decided to go with Bodyline. 

I also bought a wig from wig-supplier to go with my red outfit, I really hope the shades of red go well with each other... I've never bought from them either, so I'm hoping it's decent quality. The wig was quite cheap as it's only a Halloween costume so I'm hoping it'll still look cute! If it's too shiny I might have to talc it or something. 

So hopefully it'll look neat. What are you wearing for Halloween? 

Sally x

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  1. Ack you're going to look so cute! Can't wait to see pics!