Sunday, November 24, 2013

ThoughtBubble Festival 2013

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went to ThoughtBubble Festival, it's a Comic Convention in Leeds and it's one of the main ones I go to every year. I love the con because it's one of the few that remains mainly for comics and artists especially - I have a casual interest in comics, but the artists are the main reason I usually go to ThoughtBubble. It was really lovely to see artists that I purchased work from last year and see what new stuff they have!

I also got a chance to wear my Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate OP which I haven't put on in years, it took me so long to save up for it so I feel scared wearing such a valuable dress, haha. But it really is one of my favourites and I feel so lucky to own it, I need to wear it now and then!

Doki Doki Manchester 2013

Hey everyone - so I forgot to write about Doki Doki, how could I forget! Doki Doki is a Manchester based Japanese festival, and unlike a lot of anime related events, it has a big focus on the traditional culture of Japan too, which is really great to see.

I was lucky enough to work in the Maid Cafe as Maid Sari - I transform into my magical Maid persona, and when I wake up, it's all just a sparkly dream...

ImagesOnAWall took my photograph at Doki Doki, thank you so much!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sailor Moon Cosplay

Our Sailor Moon costumes arrived! <3 I actually didn't expect it to be such good quality, well done Bodyline! It was really fun to design my own Sailor Scout - Sailor Sally! In the end I was pleased with the co-ord, the colours matched better than I expected. The red actually matched nicely.