Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doki Doki Manchester 2013

Hey everyone - so I forgot to write about Doki Doki, how could I forget! Doki Doki is a Manchester based Japanese festival, and unlike a lot of anime related events, it has a big focus on the traditional culture of Japan too, which is really great to see.

I was lucky enough to work in the Maid Cafe as Maid Sari - I transform into my magical Maid persona, and when I wake up, it's all just a sparkly dream...

ImagesOnAWall took my photograph at Doki Doki, thank you so much!

Anyway, working with Sweet Cupcake Maid Cafe was amazing and I had so much fun, especially meeting the customers. We did a dance on stage and I was really nervous but it was so fun! I was also really lucky enough to dance with Naomi Suzuki on stage, she was really nice and her music is great! Naomi does a lot of work for the Japanese survivors of the tsunami, and so it's a great cause and to hear her and her team talk about the work they do for the victims was really humbling.

Since I was with customers most of the day I only had a little time to check out the other activities, but Beckii Cruel and KimonoTime were really great, they are such amazing dancers, and so cute! And a lot of people danced with Sweet Cupcake Cafe so thank you for everyone who joined in with us. The stalls were really good too, and I got a really cute badge from Chocolate-Revel, he's got some really great art so please check out his work!

I had such a fun time, even though I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Until next time!


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