Sunday, November 24, 2013

ThoughtBubble Festival 2013

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went to ThoughtBubble Festival, it's a Comic Convention in Leeds and it's one of the main ones I go to every year. I love the con because it's one of the few that remains mainly for comics and artists especially - I have a casual interest in comics, but the artists are the main reason I usually go to ThoughtBubble. It was really lovely to see artists that I purchased work from last year and see what new stuff they have!

I also got a chance to wear my Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate OP which I haven't put on in years, it took me so long to save up for it so I feel scared wearing such a valuable dress, haha. But it really is one of my favourites and I feel so lucky to own it, I need to wear it now and then!

I spoke to some amazing artists, so I'm going to feature a few of them here.

Sarah Jones had some really beautiful pieces of artwork, in red and black inks. The style to me was really interested because working with a limited pallet can be difficult, but the end product looks really nice and gives her artwork a sense that all the pieces belong together.

I bought some postcards from Kit Jo Yuki, she had some seriously amazing art that looked like painted works. She was so nice too! I couldn't pick which one I wanted so I just bought 5 of the postcards so I could keep mini copies of them all.

Also really liked the work of Brogan Coral, they had a really impressive stall setup and the work was really unique and cute.

PinkAppleJam is one of my favourite artists, I bought work from her last time and she was there again this year, she was so lovely! I bought a picture of a Fairy Kei girl as she was so adorable and had starry eyes. I just love her colourful designs and style, I love the different fashion portraits! They look really great on my wall.

I did buy some other art but sadly I can't find the name of the artist, I'll have to have a google because her work was amazing and I bought two of her posters.

So all in all I had a really great time, also saw some people I haven't seen in a while which is always nice. Saw some really gorgeous Lolita's as well, I think they were part of the Lolita's of Leeds group, they always look so amazing.

ThoughtBubble is always well organised with loads of different artists and panels - this time they had even more with an extra hall. Also it was £9 which was such a bargain! Definitely check it out if you can.


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  1. I bought a Chii art piece from Kit Jo Yuki! :3 it was beautiful. Unfortunately it got battered when I moved home :( but she nicely went out of her way to get me another printed out and sent (which the Post Office lost, damn them!~)
    Looking adorable as usual!~ ♥